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What Are ​Ultrasonics?

Ultrasonics are the only answer to deep down clean. The process (without getting into to much science) goes way beyond what even the most through scrubbing and soaking can achieve. With the Ultrasonic restoration that we use to clean incorporates millions of tiny microscopic bubbles that literally breakdown all foreign contaminants and pull it away from the surface that is being cleaned. This process is called Cavitation and it leaves your various products looking brand new, saving you time and labor and most importantly, saves you money.

What do Ultrasonics clean?

Ultrasonics clean a wide variety of surfaces ranging from a wheelchair to a precious diamond stone. The process of Ultrasonics are extremely gentle and non-abrasive on delicate materials and will not damage the items. We have a list of various blinds that we clean on our "Home" page to reference. Of course there are exceptions and we will be glad to answer them in details when you give us a call to schedule a free estimate.

Why Use Crumb's Cleaning

Because we care a great deal about what we do! We are a small family owned and operated company that has done many years of cleaning for various clients. We are also the FIRST and ONLY company serving the Scranton/Wilkes Barre area that offers Ultrasonic cleaning. We value morals, integrity and accountability and believe that old fashioned ways of a hand shake and dependability still go a long way. We want to earn your trust and not look at the work as just a job, instead, as a long term relationship.

How Long Will The Blinds Stay Clean?

This is a FAQ that all depends on the environment and circumstance in which the blinds are in. Under normal low to medium traffic circumstance the blinds react very favorable due to the protection layer that gets put on from the rinse. This protection layer reduces the amount of static that builds up when blinds are opened or closed or pulled up and down, they stay cleaner longer. 

How Long Will I Be Without My Blinds?

At Crumb's Cleaning we know that your blinds are your privacy and that they serve a very important part to your security. We are very proud to offer Mobile Service, we will have the ability to clean at your location*.This is an exciting option that we can offer, allowing you to have blinds back on your window in minutes (that's right, minutes). Our business is to serve you and be able to offer a fantastic option that will suit your needs. 

* There is a standard operating fee that applies to all work done on premises that is variable to travel distance.

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